Muscle Testing

The nervous system is similar to the electrical wiring in a house. If proper amounts of electricity are flowing without interruption to the various parts of the house there is no problem. As soon as there is a power surge or too many appliances drawing electricity at one time, a breaker blows. All is dark. It is the same in the human body. On a healthy body electricity flows to every area and feeds it the energy it needs to function. If you rub your feet across a carpet and touch metal you will get shocked, why, because you are electrical and filled with energy. Some more than others because some individuals are supercharged so to speak. When I use Muscle Testing, (one can use any muscle, arm, leg or fingers) to test reflexes of each testing arm, which acts like the circuit breaker swithch, will remain strong. There is no interruption of a nerve energy. However, if one area of the body becomes unhealthy it begins to draw excessive electricity in order to stay alive and function. This causes the body's electricity system to "blow a breaker". The testing arm will become weak and drop when the affected area is tested. The human body is a beautiful combination of organs, glands, systems, each unique in their own function, but unable to operate without the support of others.

Positive Polarity both tester and patient need to have positive polarity which means that their electomagnetic energy is flowing in a positive direction.

Negative Polarity or swithed circuit means a distubed magnetic flow and indirectly reflect a poor healing energy. These types of patients are often toxic, anxious, and are chronically allergic.