So you have been in an accident. You've already called your insurance company and they have recommended a place for you to take your car for an estimate of damage. The car is only dented and is certainly drivable; the insurance company knows it can save money if the problem is handled immediately.

What about you? You may only be a little banged up from the accident, but are you sure nothing more than a few bruises is the result? Some injuries take hours or days to appear and by then the scar tissue, stiffness or other symptoms of injury may have occurred.

Whiplash injuries are a direct result of being hit or colliding with another object.

The head is suddenly jerked backward and suddenly thrust forward beyond its normal limits, the muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments that support the head and spinal column are stretched or even torn. The soft disc between each spinal bone can rupture, tear, bulge, or become highly inflamed. The spinal bones are forced out of their normal positioning creating a decrease in the range of motion in the neck.

If you have been involved in an auto accident we will work with you, your insurance company or even your attorney to get the care you deserve.