ALJ LIQUID Allergies, lungs, bronchitis, congestion, cough 16.60
BLACK WALNUT Herpes, ringworm, warts, expels worms, skin rashes, restores tooth enamel 15.40
BLUE VERVAIN Sometimes called wild hyssop or traveler's joy , dates back to at least since the Middle Ages. It is considered a bitter and a tonic by herbalists, who use the plant's leaves and flowers. 25.90
CAPSICUM Capsicum [Digestive, Circulatory] is added to many herbal formulas as a catalyst for the other herbs. Its red color is partly due to its high vitamin A content. Vitamin A is essential for normal vision, growth, cellular activity, reproduction and healthy immunity. Capsicum influences blood flow (just watch someone’s face when they eat a food with lots of it), which makes it food for the circulatory system. 21.70
CATNIP & FENNEL EXTRACT Colic, gas, sedative, appetite depressant, chicken pox, fever 23.50
CC-A w/YERBA SANTA Cold, cough, flu, virus, respiratory, aches, chills 21.75
Combination CBG Extract  

Dulse Liquid
Dulse Liquid supports the glandular and immune systems and comes in a glycerin base. 26.95
DULSE   25.65
ECHINACEA / GOLDEN SEAL Antibiotic, lymph system, blood purifier, immune builder 22.15
GOLDEN SEAL / PARTHENIUM Infectkin sores, chicken pox, cankers, antibiotic 27.40
HAWTHORN BERRIES EXTRACT Strengthens heart, heart beat, angina, heart rhythm 20.95
KIDNEY DRAINAGE Kidney Drainage [Urinary] provides the kidneys with the nutritional support they need to meet the constant stress placed on them. Every day the kidneys filter nearly 200 liters of fluid from the bloodstream. They excrete toxins, metabolic wastes and excess ions and reabsorb necessary metabolic byproducts. These two bean-shaped structures also regulate the volume and chemical composition of the blood. Good nutrition and fluid intake support kidney function and promote proper waste removal and healthy tissue. 23.25
LB EXTRACT Constipation, cleanses intestinal system, herbal laxative 15.40
LICORICE ROOT Acts like natural cortisone, adjusts blood sugar, quick energy 18.75

Asthma, bronchitis, convulsions, croup, hiccups, lockjaw 16.15
LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE Lymphatic Drainage [Circulatory] The lymphatic system consists of a myriad of delicate vessels found in almost every tissue of the body that contains blood vessels. These vessels perform essential functions including the transportation of nutrients from the small intestine into the interstitial space, the removal of waste products from cellular metabolism. A vast array of materials must be transported by this system through small movements such as the pressure changes which occur during breathing and pulsations from arterial circulation. Consequently, occasional congestion in the lymphatic system is common. Lymphatic Drainage is designed to drain the lymphatic system. It may help disperse lymphatic congestion, improve nutrient absorption and enhance immune function. The ingredients in Lymphatic Drainage work together to clean and tone the lymphatic system. 24.75
OREGON GRAPE Jaundice, lymes disease, staph infections, syphilis 21.70
PAU D'ARCO EXTRACT Earache, athlete's foot, fungus infections, candida 17.95
RED RASBERRY Red Raspberry [Glandular]. The leaves of this popular fruit plant are widely used in herbology for their vitamin C and high tannin content. 25.30
STRESS-J Stress, A.D.D., hyperactivity, nervous stomach or colon 21.40
VS-C   19.90
DROPPER   1.45