The information in this pamphlet is for educational purposes only and is condensed from the works of Dr. A. B. Howard.

It is not intended for diagnosing and treating diseases. If you have serious illness, we recommend you consult a competent health practitioner before beginning a course of treatment.

A.-W 40.50

Acerola Cherry 40.50

A.C.S. (All Cell Salts) 33.75

A.E.A.-B 40.50

A.F.-R 40.50

A.G.-W 40.50

ALFALFA - Arthritic conditions, pituitary, bowel cleaner, absorbs body odors, stop excessive sweating, absorbs poisons, duodenal ulcer 25.50

ALL HEAL - All purpose herb, sore throat, diarrhea 30.75

ALOE (African) - Joints, stomach, white spots in mouth (fungus). 25.50

ALUM ROOT - Astringent for wrinkles, after shave, diarrhea 30.75

A.M.F.-W 40.50

ANGELICA - Digestion, colds, anti-gas, flavoring 25.50

A.P.-W 40.50

ARNICA - External use for lower cholesterol, emotional shocks, electrical shock, sprains, bumps, pain, tooth pain 30.75

ARNICA OIL BLEND (Peanut) 40.50

ART.-C 40.50

ASHWAGANDHA Ė Ginseng like, improved sexual function, abundant energy, concentration, lung 42.75

ASTRAGULUS - Immune system builder 28.50

BARBERRY - Warts, normalize appetite, convalescence, lymphatic system, break "bad habits" 28.50

BASIL - Gas, cramping, relax the nerves, increase flow of milk in mothers 28.50

BAYBERRY - Liquefy and drain sinuses, shrink and dissolve polyps of all kinds 33.75

B. & B.-W 40.50

B.C.-W 40.50

B.D.R.-C 40.50

BEE POLLEN - Energy, hormonal support, low blood sugar, longevity, solar plexus, polarity balancer, important for lysine, protein, B-Complex 28.50

BEE PROPOLIS - Antibiotic, anti-putrefaction agent 49.50


BIG FIVE 40.50

BILBERRY - Eye problems, improve vision, night blindness, high Vitamin C, macular degeneration, gravel in urinary system 28.50

BISORT - Expectorant, cuts mucus loose from lungs and respiratory tract 30.75


BLACK COHOSH - Female estrogen hormone source, menopause, over aggressive men, poisonous bites, spiders, mosquito bites, stings, snake bites, chills, fever, sluggish feeling, important poison antidote, hives, spinal meningitis 28.50

BLACK CURRANT - Purifying, eyesight, flush kidneys, energize the body 30.75

BLACK WALNUT - Parasites, restore nerve flow after shock, tooth enamel, autonomic nervous system 28.50

BLACK WALNUT MEATS High in Manganese, strengthens ligaments, foot odor 28.50

BLADDERWRACK - Weight loss, thyroid, used in kidney problems, important mineral source 28.50

BLESSED THISTLE - Good body oxygenator, lungs, heart, brain, important for L-dopamine, increase milk flow for mothers, loss of memory, brain anemia 28.50

BLUEBERRY LEAF - Sugar, diabetes 30.75

BLUE COHOSH - Epilepsy, regulate monthly cycle, childbirth, secondary syphilis 28.50

BLUE FLAG - Lymphatic, clean vein to liver 33.75

BLUE VERVAIN - Calms nerves, clean uterus walls, cleans cattle afterbirth 28.50

BONESET - Flu, colds, fever, aches 28.50

BORAGE - "Joy In mind", discomfort of chest and throat 30.75

BREWERS YEAST - energy, promote digestion, B-Complex source 25.50

BUCHU - Kidney, urinary pain, bladder discomfort, prostrate back pain, coats kidney stones 33.00

BUCKTHORN - Laxative, gout, uric acid 25.50

BUGLEWEED - Heart, circulation, soften hardening of arteries and veins, regulate heart beat, pituitary gland 25.50

BURDOCK - Liver, skin, boils, acne, carry dead cells out of the body 30.75

BUTCHERS BROOM - Healthy cell growth, clean veins, hemorrhoids, circulation, "water on the brain" 27.00

CALENDULA - Stop bleeding, bowel and intestinal adhesions, gall bladder, white birth marks,soften scar tissue 30.75

CAPSICUM - Stop unnatural bleeding, prevents strokes, stop heart attacks, stomach ulcers, mucus, nerves, anxiety, energy, blood clots, hemorrhoids, stops hemorrhage during period 25.50

CARPENTER'S SQUARE - Lymphatic cleanser, spleen, tonsils, fig warts 33.00

CARROT ROOT - Bioactive vegetable source of non-toxic, Vitamin A for skin and eyes, flushes out mucus 24.75

CASCARA SAGRADA - Excellent laxative, non-habit forming, tones lazy bowel, encourage bile flow, expels and dissolves gallstones 25.50

CATNIP - Nerve's, flu, fevers, gall bladder remedy, digestive aid, nervous high blood pressure, colic, expels gas, high in selenium 24.75

CELANDINE - External use only , Diuretic, bowel purge, rheumatism, gout, liver, swelling of the gall bladder, sedative 30.75

CELERY SEED - Diuretic, swollen conditions 25.50

CHAMOMILE - Baby and children's remedy, also "big babies", rub on gums for teething, pineal gland, stomach, stop smoking, nerves 27.75

CHASTE TREE BERRY - Relieve torments of menopause 32.25

CHESTNUT LEAF - Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, spider veins, dissolve and prevent blood clots 27.75

CHICKWEED - Lose weight, dissolve fat, soften abnormally hardened tissues and structures, ears, restoring hearing, bronchial aid 28.50

CHICORY - Clean spleen, lymphatics, liver, low blood sugar, clean mucus which prevents normal absorption, and secretions of the body, uric acid neutralizer, gout 25.50

CHIPPEWA PINE - Natural source of Vitamin C, colds, flu, repair connective tissue, elimination of free "radicals", if you like pycnogenol, you'll love this 27.00


CHUCHUHUASI - Builds the immune system, cancer, infections, restore and maintain vigor of sexual activity, repel mosquitoes 40.50


CINCHONA BARK - Malaria, kills blood parasites 30.75

CLAVO HUASCA - (White Clove) Increases women's sexual desire 40.50

CLEAVERS - Kidney, goiter, cancer 28.50

CLOVES - Settles stomach, toothache pain, kills parasite eggs that lead to cancer and cancer pains 30.75

COLTSFOOT - Coughs, stops smoking 28.50

CORNSILK - Sensitive kidneys, prostate, balance body acids to kidney, bedwetting, coat kidney stones 30.75

CRAMPBARK - Stops cramping, aid child birth, male & female fertility 33.75

CRANESBILL - Removes wrinkles due to enlarged pores, sore mouth, bleeding gums, mercury poisoning, removes heavy metals 28.50

CUDWEED - (Life Everlasting) form of organic Lithium, swollen tonsils, moth repellent 30.75

CULVERS ROOT - Bowel cleaner 28.50

DAMIANA - Both sexes sexual stimulant, frigidity, repair severed nerves, and restore feeling to tips of body, hot flashes 27.75

DANDELION LEAF - High in vegetable source vitamin A (non harmful type) potassium, skin, sinus 27.75

DANDELION ROOT - Mineral storehouse, organic iron, sodium, sulfur and others, joints, stomach, liver cleaner, skin disorders 27.75

DEVILS CLAW - Deteriorating bones, reversing conditions of arthritis 30.75

DONG QUAI - Female herb especially women of child bearing age, regulates estrogen levels, alleviate blood clots, menstrual cramping 45.00

DULSE - Thyroid, cold hands and feet, tip of nose, unusual fears, nightmares, anxiety, goiter, excessive sweating 27.75

ECHINACEA - Antibiotic, chronic conditions, cysts on body and around tooth root, give with laxative if dissolving growth or cysts, raise immunity 30.75

ELDERBERRY - Herb for all seasons, sexual stimulant for both sexes, longevity, colds, flu 30.75

ELECAMPANE - Complete systems overhaul, especially lungs and digestive tract, bronchial cleaner, removes asbestos from lungs, diabetes, clean internal surfaces 30.75

EUCALYPTUS - Colds, coughs, dry spot behind nose and upper throat, antibiotic, prolapsed uterus 30.75

EVENING PRIMROSE - Depression, M.S., brain, spinal cord, skin problems 33.00

EYEBRIGHT - Most all eye problems, restore retina, oxygenation of head 27.75

FALSE UNICORN ROOT - Impotence, anxiety, upset stomach, fluid retention, gas, colic, general tonic, give with Crampbark for male and female fertility or to prevent miscarriage 33.00

FENNEL - Curb appetite, enrich mother's milk, digestive aid, flavoring 25.50

FENUGREEK - Cleanse mucus, dissolves cholesterol, bronchial catarrh 25.50

FEVERFEW - Sore joints, migraine, headache, reduces fever, induces sweating, inflammation of lungs 30.00

FIG - Ulcers, stomach, intestines 25.50

FLAX - Dissolves cholesterol, reduces triglycerides, injuries 25.50

FRENCH VANILLA - Lifts spirits, tastes good, sexual stimulant, perfume 25.50

GARLIC - Cleaner, heart and blood pressure problems, antibiotic, slimming, vaginal douche 25.50

GENTIAN - Excellent digest aid, oxygenator, diabetes, breaks down fat deposits, arteriosclerosis, cancer, antibiotic, nerves, ear infections 25.50

GINGER - Digest aid, excellent anti-gas, circulation, kind to women, energy 27.75

GINKGO - Keeps energy flowing to the brain and nervous system, improves memory, strokes, low blood sugar 28.50

GOLD THREAD - Produces disgust for alcohol when combined with Golden Seal, pinworms, apply to ulcers in mouth, stomach ulcers, picky eaters 45.00

GOLDEN BOUGH - Non-harmful parts of mistletoe, worn out nerves, at the end of your rope, high blood pressure from nerves, epilepsy, prevent recurrent cancer, high in zinc 30.75

GOLDEN SEAL - Powerful antibiotic, activates other herbs, varicose veins, stomach, diabetes 45.00

GORSE - Hopelessness, despair ( from Dr Bach's work ) 40.50

GOTU KOLA - Brain fatigue, memory, parasitic swellings 28.50

GRAVEL ROOT - Dissolves stones and waste mineral deposits, kidneys, impotence 28.50

GREASEWOOD - Fungus, yeast, detergent for heavy accumulation of waste when taken with bowel cleaners, antibiotic, eyes, Vitamin B-1, arthritis, anti-cancer, anti-fungus, douche 28.50

GREEN HULL BLACK WALNUT - Kills parasites with out killing person 28.50

GROUND IVY - Specific for removing lead and its poisoning effects from the body, AIDS 30.75

HAWTHORN - Heart, heart valves, rebuild heart and circulatory system, dilate blood vessels to normal 28.50

HE SHOU WU - (Fo Ti) High in selenium, cardiovascular, anti-oxidant 33.00

HIBISCUS FLOWER - High in chromium and selenium, regulates blood sugar 30.75

HOPS - Nerves, sleep, female hormones, skin conditions 25.50

HOREHOUND Ė Coughs, cold, chest pain 25.50

HORSETAIL - (Shavegrass), silicon source, strong nerves, nails, elastic skin and hair, slow but deep acting, drive out heavy metals and pushes foreign objects out of body, genetic cleaner, transmutes to calcium in the body as needed 27.75

HYDRANGEA - Kidneys, urinary diuretic, eliminate swelling and fluid retention 30.75

HYSSOP - (Biblical) Cleanse, reconditions mucus membranes both respiratory and gastrointestinal, increase circulation and reduce blood pressure, lymphatics, spleen malfunction 25.50

INDIAN TOBACCO - Nerves, spasms, rub on "Charlie horses", cramping, poison antidote, asthma, empty stomach, food poisoning, correct bronchial, medulla 30.75

INKBERRY - (Poke root) Cancer, remove heavy metals, skin rashes, awakens entire glandular system, drive out heavy metals including mercury 30.75

IRISH MOSS - Joints, cartilage turning stiff, rebuild connective tissue, high in magnesium 25.50

JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE - Nutrient herb, wild sunflower root, diabetic food, very active enzyme does not require insulin for digestion 30.75

JEWELL WEED - Poison ivy, diuretic, moisturizer, tones and protects the skin 27.00

JUNIPER BERRIES - Digest aid, kidneys, immunity, adrenal supplement 25.50

KELP - Metabolism, cold hands and feet, high in minerals, diuretic, burns calories 27.75

KLAMATH WEED - (St. John's Wort) shaking disorders bedwetting, sciatic, stress, depression, Bell's Palsey 25.50

KNITBONE - (Comfrey) Heal broken bones, build strong bones, lung, bruises, bumps, restore rapid healthy cell growth, ulcer in mouth, sticks to hurt spots to form a protective healing patch 28.50

KOREAN GINSENG - Energy, glandular nutrients, germanium source for arthritis sufferers, nerve food, "well being", hormonal 36.00

KUDZU - Increases the poisonous effects of alcohol, anti-buse 30.75

LADY'S SLIPPER - Exhausted nervous system, migraines, epilepsy, blood pressure, irritable coughing, hiccups 58.50

LAPACHO - Cancer, candida, arteriosclerosis, genetic cleaner, prevent cancer, oxygenator, arthritis 45.00

LEMON GRASS - Colds, headache, stomach ache, abdominal cramps 28.50

LICORICE ROOT - Adrenal nutrients, stamina, allergies, anti-stress, low blood sugar, takes place of cortisone, menopause, helps as hormone source after hysterectomy 27.75

LINDEN FLOWERS - Calming the nerves 30.75

MALE FERN - Tape worms, parasites, adhesions 30.75

MARSHMALLOW - Swollen tonsils, mumps, swollen testicles, coats kidney stones, bladder infections, soothe inflammation and irritations 30.75

MAYAPPLE - Vomiting caused by liver and gall bladder, constipation, mucus, jaundice, pinworms, cancer of testicle 25.50

MEADOWSWEET - Natural aspirin, colic, fever, painful urination 25.50

MILK THISTLE - Protector and detoxifier of the liver, useful in rebuilding damaged livers, devour poisons 28.50

MILKWEED - Inflamed stomach, joints, lymphatics, warts 28.50

MOTHERWORT - Heart, repair kidneys if protein leaking into urine (Bright's Disease) 25.50

MUGWORT - Worms, digest aid, motion sickness, sea sickness, leg pains, important for B6 28.50

MULLEIN - Disorders of lungs, testicles, tonsils, support to thymus gland, bleeding from bowel or lungs 25.50

MULLEIN OIL - Joint problems, apply to prevent stretch marks, earaches 27.00

MYRRH - Antibiotic, healer, gums, catalyst herb, itching, virus infections, nerves 28.50

NETTLE - Skin, promotes circulation, lets down mother's milk, kidneys 25.50

H.T. COMBINATION - Nausea, vomiting, gas, diarrhea 27.00

OAT STRAW - Excellent silicon source, strong nerves, skin and hair, acne, boils, slower acting but deep acting remedy, calcium 25.50

OIL OF CAJEPUT - Yeast Infections, antibiotic, cuts thick chronic mucus, aromatic, inhale to open congested nose, apply to skin problems, congested chest or sore throat 30.75

OLIVE LEAF - anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, parasitic, immune system strengthener 30.75

OREGON GRAPE - Strong lymphatic cleaner (use with bowel cleaner), tumors, obstructions, liver and blood cleanser 28.50

OSHA - Anti-tumor, anti-cancer, raise immunity 28.50

PARSLEY - Excellent iron source, energy, diuretic, sodium and potassium for joints and muscles, B-Complex, Vitamin C, enemy of tumors, neutralizes excess stomach acid. 25.50

PARTRIDGE BERRY - (Squawvine) Excellent female herb, all urinary complaints 33.00

PASSION FLOWER - Nerves, anxiety, female hormones, high blood pressure 25.50

PEACH LEAF - Hair growth, bad breath, bladder infection, stomach aches, 25.50

PENNYROYAL - Ensure regular period, apply externally to keep away insects, clean out stagnant blood 30.75

PEPPERMINT LEAF - Rich potassium source, strong muscles, tastes good diluted in water as a tea, settles stomach, stabilizes blood sugar and normalizes other mineral levels especially calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron 25.50

PEPPERMINT OIL - Oxygenator, settles stomach, motion sickness, apply to headache area, refreshes breath, cooling, apply to temples, forehead, tongue and back of neck if fever 27.00

PIPSISSEWA - Venereal disease, fluid retention, poor urinary flow, pus and/or blood in urine, joint problems due to gonorrhea, chronic relaxed bladder 30.75

PLANTAIN - Poison antidote, mosquito bites, bee stings, blood poisoning, wet gauze applications for poison ivy, herpes and fever blisters apply directly to area, same for throat and inflamed fingernails, enriches mother's milk, draws foreign objects from body. Take daily to neutralize environmental poisons as can be done with Black Cohosh or Virginia Snake Root 30.75

PLEURISY ROOT - (Orange Butterfly Milkweed) Lungs, high blood pressure, warts, remove fluid from lungs and around heart, good all around children's remedy in small amounts, increase skin moisture, bronchitis, relieves difficulty in breathing 30.75

POTENTILLA - Loose teeth, spongy bleeding gums, ulcerated mouth and throat, mix with honey for hoarseness, cools inflammations, cleans out tumors 30.75

PRICKLY ASH - Sweeps away fatigue, safe stimulant to nervous system, toothache, sore roots of teeth and gums, helpful in paralysis of tongue and mouth, increase moisture if dry mouth, adrenals 30.75

PROTEIN - The best of pre-digested milk proteins, easily digested, low blood sugar, diabetics, take regularly for four months for youthful stamina, convalescence, raise immunity 40.50

PUMPKIN SEED - Worms, parasites, prostate, important for zinc, bedwetting 28.50

PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE - Eye problems of all kinds, blindness, shock, yeast infections 41.25

QUACK GRASS - High in Selenium, prostate, joints, gout, bladder, urinary 30.75

QUINCE - Skin softener and conditioner 30.75

RED CLOVER - Blood builder, mineral source 27.75

RED RASPBERRY LEAF - Take all during pregnancy, makes an excellent tea for both sexes 30.75

RED ROOT - (Blood Root) Apply directly and/or internally for skin problems 30.75

REISHI MUSHROOM - Chronic fatigue, breathing problems, liver problems, deactivate "free radicals" 45.00

RICE BRAN - High in non-yeast source B-Complex, low blood sugar, energy, well being, better nerve function, healthy skin and eyes 25.50

ROSEMARY - Hair, retain hair color, night sweats, nightmares, stimulates hormones, add to shampoo 25.50

ROYAL JELLY - Stress, gives the entire hormonal system a pleasant boost especially for women, can be applied to aged skin to smooth and repair it, very high in pantothenic acid, infertility 51.00

RUE - Sharpens eyesight, keep away bugs, tennis elbow, ensures period 25.50

RUPTUREWORT - Ruptures, mineral salts for the blood, promotes and encourages strong muscles, encourages healthy cell growth, eye problems 33.00

SAFFLOWER - Produces normal stomach acid, digest vitamins and minerals better, anemia, iron source, reduces uric acid, high or low blood sugar 25.50

SAGE - Restores hair, sexual stimulant, activates medulla, reverse fibrous tumors in women 25.50

SANICLE - Herbal bulldozer, dissolves tumors 36.00

SARSAPARILLA - Energy, hormonal for both sexes, venereal disease, hot flashes, genetic cleanser 28.50

SASSAFRAS - Antidote for tobacco and tobacco smoking, sober up, dissolves blood clots, thins the thick blood, excellent spring tonic, spray on poison ivy or make wet gauze applications 25.50

SAW PALMETTO - Excellent, especially for men but also used for women to ensure proper sexual development and function, applied externally enlarges breasts for women in many cases, promotes firm flesh weight 25.50

SCULLCAP - Calms nerves and repairs nerves, hysteria, shaking disorders 25.50

SENNA - Bowel cleaner, generous supply of magnesium, colds, flu 25.50

SHEEP SORREL - Vitamin C source, anti-cancer 25.50

SHEPHERD'S PURSE - Kidneys, stop excessive menstruation, internal bleeding of lungs, intestine, hemorrhoids, fevers, ringing in the ears, high and low blood pressure, tone bowels 25.50

SIBERIAN GINSENG - Stamina, safe stimulant, take with protein, anti-stress, energy, well being, adrenal nutrient, allergies 41.25

SKUNK CABBAGE - Nerves, epilepsy, antispasmodic, whooping cough, hay fever, anxiety, convulsions 30.75

SLIPPERY ELM - Nutrient, healer, clean out appendix area, clean gas pockets, coats sore throat, apply dry herb powder to sores, bed sores, wounds 25.50

SOLOMON'S SEAL - External use only Bumps, bruises, acne 30.75

SOW THISTLE - Energy ( used often by rabbits ), quick pick-me-ups 30.75

SPIKENARD - Expectorant to remove mucus, lungs, throat, blood purifier, acne, uric acid, sore joints, gout 30.75

SPIRULINA - It Possesses a multitude of vitamins and minerals, high vegetable protein, RNA, DNA 28.50

SPRING VIOLET - Hearing problems, cancer of tongue and/or throat, skin rashes 33.00

STILLINGIA - Digest aid, cystic fibrosis, promotes normal stomach acid, speeds healing 30.75

ST. JOHNíS WORT - shaking disorders bedwetting, sciatic, stress, depression 25.50

STONE ROOT - Dissolves stones and cleans heart valves and blood vessel valves of mineral deposits, hemorrhoids, all rectal complaints 28.50

STRAWBERRY LEAF - Tonic to regulate body, eczema, night sweats 30.75

SUNFLOWER SEED - High in Vitamin D, strong healthy bones and teeth, anti-stress properties, high in essential oils 24.00

SWEET ROOT - (Calamus Root) Strong digest aid, cancer, builds immunity, digest debris from body, prevent flu, oxygenator 33.00

TANSY - ensures period, shrinks tumors rapidly, parasites 28.50

THYME - Calms nerves, thymus gIand in chest, high iron, promotes immunity, nightmares, colic, gas, ill-disposition, strengthen lungs 25.50

TRUE AMERICAN GINSENG - Counteracting stress, building stamina, increasing longevity with health 58.50

TRUE SAFFRON - Female hormones, hot flashes, menopause, digest aid, restores nerve flow to damaged nerves 58.50

TURKEY RHUBARB - Constipation or flush out diarrhea, weight loss through colon cleanse 30.75

UNA DE GATO - (Cat's Claw) Arthritis, rheumatism, cancer, gastritis, irregularities of the female cycle, raise immunity 40.50

UVA URSI - Kidneys, bladder, clean spleen, clear up white discharge, iron 30.75

VALERIAN ROOT - Sleep, silicone source, rest, Parkinson's 25.50

VINCA - (Periwinkle) High blood pressure, leukemia specific, hair loss, to make pair bonding stronger in a marriage 25.50

VIRGINIA SNAKE ROOT - Poison and virus antidote, stimulant, poison bites of all kinds, heart and circulation, cold hands and feet 29.25

WAHOO - Liver, gall bladder cleanser (use in small amounts), assists pancreas and spleen 28.50

WHEAT GERM - Natural source of complete Vitamin E Complex, high in B-Complex, breathe easier, nourishes eyes, reproductive nourishment 28.50

WHITE OAK BARK - Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, sinus problems, gums, loose teeth, antibiotic, ulcerative colitis, wet gauze for external applications to varicose veins, mouth ulcers 27.75

WHITE POND LILY - For all male, female disorders, diuretic 36.00

WHOLE APRICOT - Cancer, cancer preventative, B-17, B-15, natural cyanide content kills only cancerous cells 40.50

WILD CHERRY BARK - Coughs, colds, (ingredient of original Smith Bro.'s cough drops), whopping cough, TB 25.50

WILD LETTUCE - Calms nerves, give for pain, important for natural iodine, migraine, toothache 25.50

WILD ROSE HIPS - Natural source of Vitamin C, connective tissue, neutralize poisons, build immunity, stimulants peristalsis, colds, coughs, healthy tissue, healer, repair blood vessels, stops bruising, helps absorb calcium 28.50

WILD YAM - (Black Willow) Sinus liquefy and drain, mucus, sickle-cell anemia, aids women's hormones for progesterone 30.75

WILLOW - Natural aspirin, headache, fevers 25.50

WOOD BETONY - Oxygenator, heal all, excellent general purpose herb, glaucoma, migraines, headaches 25.50

WORMSEED - Worms, round worms, parasites, keeps bugs away 28.50

YARROW - Oxygenator, nerves, diabetes, colon virus, yeast infections, anti-viral, important for natural sodium (non-harmful type), bedwetting 28.50

YELLOW DOCK - Iron, energy, detergent, itching, clean the liver, shingles, dilute and wet gauze for external application to area 25.50

YERBA SANTA - Lungs 25.50

YOKUM - African aphrodisiac, especially good for men, hot flashes, promotes sexual function 30.75

YUCCA - Keeps body from drying out, lubricates joints, restores skin moisture, glaucoma 25.5


A.-W - (Alfalfa, Juniper Berry, Dandelion, Oregon Grape, Echinacea, Knitbone, Wild Rose Hips, Ephedra) Arthritis, rheumatism 40.50

A.E.A.-B - (Indian Tobacco, Herbal Adjustment, Ephedra, Wild Rose Hips, Una De Gato) Asthma, Emphysema, Allergies by Dr. Bill Horosh, sinus, upper respiratory congestion 40.50

A.F.-R - (Herbal Adjustment, Golden Seal, Wild Rose Hips, Una De Gato) Anti-Flu by Ruben Schwartz,kills virus, fights poison 40.50

A.G.-W - (Ginger, Fennel, Catnip, Angelica, Peppermint Leaves) Anti-Gas, bloating, digestion 40.50

A.I.F.-T (Licorice Root, Sage, Chamomile, Calendula, St. Johnís Wort), subdue inflammations in response, to irritation from toxic, bacterial, chemical, or mechanical injury, removal of sinus congestion, Female 40.50

A.I.M.-T - (Licorice root, Sage, Chamomile, Calendula, Yarrow), subdue inflammations in response,to irritation from toxic, bacterial, chemical, or mechanical injury, removal of sinus congestion, Male 40.50

A.M.F.-W - (A.C.S. Vita-Lixer, Mullein, Blessed Thistle, Gentian, Siberian Ginseng, Ol#11, Mugwort) Animal Maintenance Formula, complete support for animals, stress 40.50

A.P.-W - (Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme) Anti-Plague, excellent antibiotic, underarm deodorant 40.50

B. & B.-W - (Blue Vervain, Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, Scullcap) Brain and Balance, inner-ear imbalance, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, hearing problems 40.50

B.C.-W - (Yellow Dock, Burdock, Greasewood, Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Barberry, Yarrow, Sarsaparilla, Gentian, Black Cohosh) Blood Cleaner, pollution, toxicity; skin problems, blood poisoning 40.50

B. & N.C.-W - (Alfalfa, Parsley, Chamomile, Gotu Kola, Barberry, Black Walnut) Brain & Nerve Cocktail, feeds and repairs brain and nerve tissue, memory, pituitary; pineal, brain and involuntary nervous system 40.50

B.P.-W - (Peach Leaf, Stillingia, Red Clover, Bee Pollen, Greasewood, Buckthorn, lnkberry, Prickly Ash) Blood Purifier, cancerous cells, tumors, yeast, germs, viruses, heavy metals, chronic fatigue syndrome 40.50

CA.-W - (Horsetail, Oat Straw, Knitbone, Dulse, Dandelion Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Indian Tobacco) Calcium supplement, irregular heart beat, teeth that hurt, ringing in ears, nervousness, muscular cramping 40.50

C.C.-W - (Sage, Eucalyptus, Bistort, Horehound, Wild Cherry Bark) Cough, Cold, flu, sinus, streph throat, smokers cough, lung congestion 40.50

C.C.E.-W - (Aloe, Angelica, Camphor, Carline Thistle, Manna, Myrrh, Rhubarb, Saffron, Senna, Theriac, Zedoary) Cleansing Corrective Extract, bowel cleaner, blood cleaner, antibiotic, poison antidote, deformations of hands and legs, arthritic complaints, gall bladder 40.50

C.S.-W - (H.T., Lily-Of-The-Valley, Blessed Thistle, Capsicum) Circulatory System, blood pressure, prevents hemorrhages and strokes 40.50

CST-M (Celandine, Milk Thistle, Jerusalem Artichoke, Turmeric, Barberry, Sanicle) Breast problems, fibroid cysts in the breasts, ovaries, uterus and or breast cancer 40.50

D.-W - (Gentian, Ginger, Juniper Berries, Safflowers) Digestion, stomach problems, ulcers, heartburn, bloating, morning sickness, motion sickness 40.50

DB.8-W - (Lapacho, Yarrow, Blueberry Leaf, Elecampane, Golden Seal, Gentian, Mugwort, Bugleweed) 8 Diabetic herbs, high blood pressure 40.50

DSK - (Knitbone, Valerian Root, Willow Bark, Papaya) Disc, introduces calming, restorative influence to the disc, works on regeneration of structure 40.50

E.-W - (Wood Betony, Eyebright, Bayberry) Eyes, congestion in eyes, conjunctivitis, visual impairment 40.50

E. & E.-B - (All Heal, Bilberry, Golden Seal, Gravel Root, Chickweed, Peach Leaf, Dandelion Leaf and Root, Purple Loosestrife, Eyebright, Wheat Germ, Ginger, Wood Betony) Eyes & Ears by Dr. Bill Horosh 40.50

E. & F.-W - (Siberian Ginseng, Dong Ouai, Juniper Berry, Bee Pollen, Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaf, Capsicum, Gentian, Blessed Thistle, Eyebright) Energy and Fitness, invigorating body building, weight reduction and energy formula 40.50

E.H.-T - (St. Johnís Wort, Cudweed, Gota Kola, Rice Bran, Ladyís Slipper, Kava Kava) clinical depression, Manic depression, ADD, fibromyalgia, phobias, stress related problems due to long term illness. 40.50

E.O.-W - (Indian Tobacco, Chamomile, Catnip, Arnica) "Ease-Off" formula, break addiction to alcohol, caffeine, overeating, cigarettes, drugs of all kinds, sugar 40.50

E.R.TWO-W - (Vervain, Vine, Mustard, Scleranthus, Gorse, Chicory, Honeysuckle) Emotional Remedy #2, wild flower essences developed by Dr. Bach, on top of the world and confident one day and down in the cellar and dejected the next day 40.50

E.R. TWO WITH MIMULUS - (Vervain, Vine, Mustard, Schleranthus, Gorse, Chicory, Honeysuckle) Emotional Remedy #2 with Mimulus, fear or anxiety of a known origin, dejected, fearful 40.50

E.T,B. - (Plantain, Echinacea, Coltsfoot, Horehound, Myrrh, Blessed Thistle, Juniper Berries, Yerba Santa) Eliminate Tuberculosis by Millie Horosh, raises body immune system, antibiotic, cleans lungs, restores circulation 40.50

E.T.l.-W - (Echinacea, Myrrh, Licorice Root, White Oak Bark) Ear and Throat Infections, tonsillitis, strep throat, ear infection, swollen glands 40.50

F. & F. - (Natural source oils of Peppermint and Wintergreen, Golden Seal, Hyssop, Lemon, Knitbone, Wild Cherry Bark) Flu, Fever, mucus, decongestant, sick stomach, pain associated with fever 40.50

F.P.-W - (White Pond Lily, Black Cohosh, Sarsaparilla, Blue Cohosh, Passion Flower) Female Problems, rejuvenating for reproductive tract, hormonal, menopause 40.50

F.V.E.-W - (Wild Rose Hips, Golden Seal, Peppermint, Chickweed, Yerba Santa, Mullein Indian Tobacco) Flu, Vomiting and Earache, antibiotic, neutralizes poisons, prevent and corrects flu and colds by cleaning out mucus, settles stomach 40.50

G.F-G - (Plantain, Fennel Seed, Burdock Root, Hawthorn Berries, Kelp, Bladderwrack) Gladys Connor's Formula, arthritis, edema, high cholesterol, psoriasis, regulate appetite 40.50

GO.-W - (Ma Huang, Bee Pollen, Eyebright, Licorice Root, Gentian, Prickly Ash, Capsicum) GO! Herbal Stimulant, energy, fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, not a crash later stimulant 40.50

H.B.-W - (Sarsaparilla, Ginger, Gotu Kola, Siberian Ginseng, Wild Rose Hips), Hormonal Balance for male and female system, energy, repair glands, rejuvenating 40.50

Hl.I.-W - (Thyme, Yellow Dock, Red Raspberry Leaf, Indian tobacco) High Iron, energy, fatigue 40.50

HI.K.-W - (Dulse, Peppermint, Parsley, Dandelion Leaf, Yarrow) High Potassium "K" is the Latin chemical symbol", muscular strength, low blood sugar, hyperactive children 40.50

H.L. ONE-W - (Buckthorn, Turkey Rhubarb, Cascara Sagrada, Fennel, Pumpkin Seed) Herbal Laxative #1, daily housekeeping, loosen old impacted wastes, expels parasites, flushes gall bladder 40.50

H.L. TWO-W - (Senna, Mayapple, Sweet Root, Fennel, Turkey Rhubarb) Herbal Laxative #2, gas discomfort, bowel conditioner 40.50

H.N.S.-W - (Dulse, Horsetail, Rosemary, Sage) Hair, Nails, Skin, Nails grow faster and stronger, more flexible, stops tearing, splitting and peeling, hair color restored, nourishes thyroid 40.50

H.T. COMBINATION - (Hawthorn Berries, Myrrh, Motherwort) Heart Tonic, nourish and strengthen heart, form of oral chelation, removes congesting fat, cholesterol, triglycerides and waste mineral deposits from blood vessels 40.50

HYG.-W - (Bee Pollen, Licorice Root, Rice Bran, Sweet Root, Juniper Berry) Hypo Glycemia (low blood sugar),adrenals, stress, fatigue, energy 40.50

IM.S.-W - (Juniper Berry, Mullein, Sweet Root, Carpenters Square, Black Cohosh, Sarsaparilia, Lapacho) Immune System builder, reduces swollen glands, neutralizes poisons from bacteria, virus, fungal and yeast poisons, chronic fatigue syndrome 40.50

IS.- F - (Quackgrass, Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Rue, Capsicum), nourish and repair eyes 40.50

IVY-D - (Wild Blue Iris, Spring Violet, Yarrow) by Jake Schwartz and Solomon Wickey, reverses the modern scourge of A.I.D.'s and other contagious types of diseases 40.50

KID-W - (Juniper Berries, Uva Ursi, Parsley, Dandelion Root, Chamomile) Kidneys, stones, repair severe kidney problems 40.50

L.-W - (Yerba Santa, Mullein, Indian Tobacco, Marshmallow, Gentian, Blessed Thistle) Lungs, repairs damaged or congested lungs, for those quitting smoking, improves lung capacity 40.50

L.A.S.-J.B. - (Fennel, Japanese Horseradish, Marshmallow Root, Mullein, Fenugreek) capsules only Lungs, Allergies and Sinuses by Jeanne Burgess, clears out the breathing passages, counteract allergic reactions 12.00

L.6W - (Blue Cohosh, Pennyroyal, Red Raspberry Leaf, Spikenard, Partridge Berry, Blue Vervain, Angelica) Last 6 Weeks, easy and quick delivery with a minimum of discomfort for mother and baby 40.50

L.B.-J - (Licorice Root, True Saffron, Marshmallow, Milk Weed, Myrrh) Low Blood Sugar by Jake Schwartz, sweet addiction, starches, memory and concentration 51.00

L.B.R.-W - (Greasewood, Marshmallow, Butcher's Broom, Barberry, White Oak Bark, Ephedra, Angelica, Sweet Root, Senna) Lower Bowel Repair, toner and conditioner for ballooned bowel, lazy bowel 40.50

L.C.-W - (Oregon Grape, Blue flag, Marshmallow, Stillingia, Mullein) Lymphatic Cleaner, tonsils, adenoids, polyps, ear and eye congestion, swellings in spleen, arms, ankles, fingers, abdomen, boils, cysts, acne, gout 40.50

L.G.-W - (Burdock, Yellow Dock, Calendula) Liver, Gall Bladder dissolves gall stones, flushes poisons, restores flow of bile from liver 40.50

LIV-J - (Wild Yam, Crampbark, Fennel, Ginger, Catnip, Barberry, Aloe) Ė Use for all kinds of Liver cleansing 40.50

L.R-W - (Angelica, Echinacea, Ginger, Marshmallow, Broad Beans, Spikenard, Eucalyptus, Gentian, Lady's Slipper, Bee Pollen, Prickly Ash, Myrrh) Liquid Pearle, arthritis, circulation, frozen joints, mineral deposits 40.50

M. & B.-A - (Blessed Thistle, Marshmallow Root, Plantain, Fenugreek, Fennel, Universal E.R.) Milk & Baby by Amelia Schendel, enriches and/or increases mother's milk supply 40.50

M.G.-W - (Ginger, Sarsaparilla, Licorice Root, Dulse, Gotu Kola, Gentian, Alfalfa, Chamomile). Multi-Glandular, reversal of starved glands 40.50

MP-E - (Dong Quai, Wild Yam, Saw Palmetto, Chaste Tree Berry, Black Cohosh, Hops, Gingo) PostMenopause and Menopause for women with complete hysterectomy, Estrogen replacement 40.50

MP-P - (Dong Quai, Wild Yam, Saw Palmetto, Chaste Tree Berry, Black Cohosh, Hops, Gingo) Post Menopause and Menopause, with higher Progesterone ratio 40.50

N.-W - (Lady's Slipper, Blue Vervain, Scullcap, Hops, Valerian root) Nerves, repairs nerves, relieve tension, improve coordination and control of body functions by brain 40.50

N.P.-T - (St. Johnís Wort, Skullcap, Siberian Ginseng, Oatstraw), Nerve Pain from neuralgia, neuropathy, neuritis, often associated with diabetes, thyroid disease, heavy metal toxicity, Bells Palsy, syphilis,Leukemia 40.50

O.C.M. - (Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, Chickweed, Flax, Stone Root) Oral Chelation by Micki Jones, removes from blood vessels the undesirable congested fats, cholesterol, triglycerides and waste mineral deposits 40.50

P-W - (Buchu, Wild Rose Hips, White Pond Lily, Pumpkin, Knitbone) Prostate, comfort to prostate and kidneys, bladder, urinary flow, restores normal sexual activity 40.50

P.A.-K - ( (Echinacea, Golden Seal, Virginia Snake Root) Poison Antidote by Kim Schlessinger, counteracting poisons from bacteria and or viruses and poisons in general, possesses potent antibiotic properties 40.50

P.C.-C - (Burdock, Slippery Elm, Turkey Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel, Marshmallow Root) Prevents, Cures, think Essiac tea, cancer, corrects the blood and liver functions, provides a continuing poison antidote effect 40.50

P.M.S.-W - (Dong Qual, Gravel Root, Red Raspberry Leaf, Partridge Berry, Blessed Thistle, Black Cohosh, Wild Yam) PreMenStrual, normalizes estrogen levels, provides calcium and minerals to relieve cramping, headaches, fluid retention, depression, calms nerves 40.50

P.N.-W - (Red Raspberry Leaf, Blessed Thistle, False Unicorn Root, Crampbark, Ginger, Partridge Berry) PreNatal, promotes normal development, prevents miscarriage, nourishment for expectant mothers, builds strong uterus 40.50

P.T.B. - (Bee Pollen, Myrrh, Juniper Berries, Indian Tobacco, Scullcap, Horehound) Prevents Tuberculosis by Micki Jones 40.50

Q.N.-R - (Chestnut Leaf, Gotu Kola, Gravel Root, Indian Tobacco, Ephedra) Quiet Night by H Rasheed, snoring, keeps breathing passages open while sleeping 40.50

R. & S.-W - (Valerian Root, Blue Vervain, Lady's Slipper, Chamomile, Scullcap) Rest and Sleep, insomnia, calms nerves 40.50

R.S.T. - (Oriental Mustard Seed, A.C.S., Chickweed, Ho Sho Wu, and Skunk Cabbage) Repair of scar tissue, joint, tendon and bone scar tissue 40.50

S.C.-W - (Whole Apricot, Black Cohosh, Quince, Saw Palmetto, A.C.S., Herbal Adjustment, Echinacea, Wheat Germ, Wild Rose Hips, Dandelion Leaf) Skin Care, softening and toning and nourishing of the skin 40.50

S.D.-R - (Stone Root, Gravel Root, Marshmallow Root, Hydrangea Root) Stone Dissolver by Ruben,kidney, bladder 40.50

SI.-W - (Bayberry, Golden Seal, Wood Betony, Gentian, Chickweed, Oregon Grape) Sinus, liquefy and drain sinuses, relieve sinus swelling and discomfort, hay fever, allergies 40.50

S.M.F.-B - (Rice Bran, Wild Rose Hips, CA.-W, UR.-W, Pleurisy Root) Stress Maintenance Formula by Dr. Bill Horosh, supplies B-Complex, Calcium, Vitamin C 40.50

ST.-W - (Figs, Flax, Bitter Aloe, Dandelion Root) Stomach, ulcers, urinary tract, pain and burning 40.50

T.-W - (Dulse, Bladderwrack, Wild Lettuce, Indian Tobacco) Thyroid, organic iodine, goiter, fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, edema, salt cravings, warms up hands and feet 40.50

TG. & P.-W - (Blood Root, Myrrh, White Oak Bark, Marshmallow, Mullein, Mugwort, lndian Tobacco, Scullcap,Knitbone, Black Walnut Hull, Gravel Root) Teeth, Gums, Plaque, cleans roots of teeth and corrects swollen gums, dissolves plaque, mouth rinse 40.50

T.L.C. - (Bayberry, Virginia Snake Root, D-W, Bee Pollen Special, Bee Propolis, Billberry) Throat, Laryngitis 42.00

UR.-W - (Cornsilk, Uva Ursi, Gravel Root, Buchu, Yarrow) Urinary Infections, stones, bedwetting 40.50

V.M.-W - (Knitbone, Calendula, Chestnut Leaves, White Oak Bark, Wild Rose Hips) Vital Minerals, removes obstructions, satisfies cravings for minerals, neutralize and prevents acid, fluid retention 40.50

V.V.H.-W - (Knitbone, Calendula, Chestnut Leaves, White Oak Bark, Wild Rose Hips) Varicose Veins &Hemorrhoids, stroke repair, restores blood vessels, scar tissue and adhesions in veins, lungs, intestines 40.50

W.-W - (Mugwort, Male Fern Root, Pumpkin Seed, Black Walnut Hulls, Cascara Sagrada) Worms, kills parasites of all types 40.50

W.L.-W - (Chickweed, Gentian, Siberian Ginseng, Dulse, Dandelion Leaf, Licorice Root, Cascara Sagrada) Weight Loss, dissolves fat, clears out debris, curbs appetite, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol 40.50

BEE POLLEN SPECIAL - (Bee Pollen, Licorice Root, Elderberry) Energy, stamina 40.50

BIG FIVE - (Arnica, B. & N.C.-W, Herbal Adjustment, Ol'#11, Rue) by Pat Courter, external use only Apply to spine and neck, relaxes, removes soreness, increase circulation, take poisons out of the nervous system, repairs nervous system, removes physical trauma, do not use if pregnant 40.50

BIG FIVE PLUS 2 - (Arnica, B. & N.C.-W, Herbal Adjustment, Ol'#11, Rue, Peppermint oil, Oil of Cajeput) Injuries, sinus, spasms, paralyses, relaxes, sooths, specific injuries. 40.50

BLUE STEELE - (Damiana, Dong Quai, Korean Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, Saw Palmetto, Elderberry, False Unicorn, Yokum, Siberian Ginseng, French Vanilla, Wood Betony, Indian Tobacco) Used by men and women, restores and enhances sexual activity 40.50

BROAD BEANS - (Selected Broad Beans) source of B Vitamins, L-Dopamine, pituitary nourishment, natural L-Lysine, shaking disorders, blood mineral source 40.50

CAN-SOL - (Greasewood, Purple Loosestrife, White Pond Lily) Candida formula from Solomon Wickey, severe yeast infections 40.50

CORNSILK COMBINATION - (Cornsilk, Uva Ursi, Gravel Root) Urinary tract infections, repairs kidney damage, dissolves stones, fluid retention 40.50

CRAMPBARK & FALSE UNICORN - (Crampbark, False Unicorn) Infertility for both male and female, prevents and stops miscarriage 40.50

FIGS & FLAX - (Figs, Flaxseed) Heals the stomach, joints, repair and relief of burning and discomfort in the stomach, ulcers 40.50

FIVE GOOD - (Pearl Barley, Rye, Millet, Sunflower Nuts, Sesame Seeds) Vegetarian protein extract, high and low blood sugar problems, nerve deterioration and muscle atrophy 40.50

FORMULA M - (Wild Rose Hips, Wheat Germ, Rice Bran, Dandelion Leaf, Organic Carrots, Raw Sunflower Nuts, Bee Pollen, Gentian, Bladderwrack, lrish Moss, Arrow root, Kelp, Myrrh, Motherwort, Hawthorn Berries, Oregon Grape, Wild Blue Iris, Marshmallow, Stillingia, Mullein) Maintenance Formula, multiple vitamin and mineral source, includes protein and digest aid 40.50

FORMULA MAX.- ss, arthritis 40.50

FORMULA THREE - (Licorice Root, Bee Pollen, Siberian Ginseng) Strength, stamina, extreme fatigue, chronic fatigue, illness or surgery 40.50

FORMULA FOUR - (Herbal Adj., Ol'#11, Arnica, B. & N.C.-W) external use only Same as Big Five except does not contain rue and safe for pregnant women 40.50

FORMULA TWELVE - (Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Knitbone) By Lise Blouin, coats digestive system with an oxygenating patch, lungs, stomach, intestines, colon, ligaments, 40.50

FORMULA THIRTY-ONE - (Black Walnut, Bugleweed, Black Cohosh, Hawthorn Berries, Lily-Of-The-Valley, Irish Moss, trace Calcium Chloride) Prolapse of uterus, or any prolapsed part of the body, valves of all kind, stomach, colon, dropsy, ballooned blood vessel, excessive flow just before or at the time of menopause, a Dr. Shook combination 40.50

GARLIC & MULLEIN OIL - (Garlic oil, Mullein oil, Mullein Flower oil) By Dr. Frank Miesse, earache, croup, lung complaints, swollen glands 24.75

GOLDEN SEAL / ECHINACEA - (Golden Seal, Echinacea) Combat Infection, flu, colds, antibiotic 40.50

HERBAL ADJUSTMENT - (Black Cohosh, Blue Vervain, Capsicum, Indian Tobacco, Siberian Ginseng) Mental or physical shock to any part of the body, headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, sore muscles, circulation, arthritis comfort, painful joints, sports injury, distortion of the spine 40.50

KNITBONE/.FENUGREEK - (Knitbone, Fenugreek) Cleans lymphatics, spleen, swellings of hands, feet, underarms, liver 30.75

LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY/BLESSED THISTLE - (Blessed Thistle, Lily-Of-The Valley) Angina, heart repair, fluid retention, varicose veins, heart valves, hiatal hernia 40.50

MUGWORT/WORMSEED - (Mugwort, Wormseed) Kills parasites of all kinds 40.50

OL' NUMBER 11 - (White Oak Bark, Marshmallow, Mullein, Mugwort, Indian Tobacco, Scullcap, Knitbone, Black Walnut Hull, Gravel Root) Repairs any tissue, brain, nerve, flesh, cartilage, bones, for strong body and nervous system 40.50

PAPAYA MINTS - (Papaya, Peppermint Leaf, Spearmint Leaf) Gentle digest aid, indigestion, hiatal hernia 40.50

RED CLOVER BLEND - (Red Clover, Greasewood, Buchu) Cancer, blood cleanser, tumors, lymphatic, skin disorders, kidneys 40.50

RESEARCH FORMULA - (Sea Vegetables, Algae, Minerals) Antibiotic, energy, balance, solar plexus, prevents infections, fatigue 40.50

SPRING GREENS - ( as seasonally available Lamb's Quarters, lnkberry Leaf, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Dandelion, Yarrow Dock, Radish Leaves, Kale, Curly Leaf Mustard, Spinach, Horseradish Leaf) Spring tonic, iron, sulfur, blood builder, cleans skin, rejuvenating, cleans liver 40.50

THREE BEES - (Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly) Energy, antibiotic, chronic fatigue, invigorates entire system 40.50

UNIVERSAL ER. - (E.R. TWO-W, Willow, Holly, Crab Apple, Honeysuckle) Emotional Remedy, resentment, hatred, cleansing emotionally and physically, dwelling on thoughts of the past, shock, mental stress, tension, panic, desperation, inattention, unconsciousness, Dr. Bach's flower essence works 40.50

UNIVERSAL E.R. WITH ASPEN - (Universal E.R., Aspen) Fear of unknown origin 40.50

UNIVERSAL E.R. WITH GORSE - (Universal E.R., Gorse) Dealing with the feeling of hopelessness 40.50

UNIVERSAL E.R. WITH MIMULUS - (Universal E.R., Mimulus) Fear of anxiety 40.50

UNIVERSAL E R.WITH WILLOW - (universal E.R., Double Willow) Dealing with feeling of resentment 40.50

VITA-LIXER - (Dandelion Leaves, Carrot Roots, Rice Bran, Wild Rose Hips, Sunflower Seeds, Raw Wheat Germ, Gentian, Bee Pollen) Liquid multi-vitamin supplement entirely from herbs and vegetables, can be applied externally for infants 40.50

WILD CHERRY BARK SPECIAL - (Wild Cherry Bark, Wild Rose Hips, Bilberries) by Alan Pfund, coughs, colds, sore throat 40.50

WILD LETTUCE/WOOD BETONY - (Wild Lettuce, Wood Betony) Relief for pain, migraines, restlessness 40.50

YERBA SANTA COMBINATION - (Yerba Santa, Indian Tobacco, Mullein) Lung congestion, asthma, laryngitis, bronchitis, mucus or fluid in lungs or throat 40.50


This is an herbal food diluted in water and ethanol that may be used as "natural medicine". Natural ethanol is an alcohol distilled from grain and is also known as neutral alcohol. Synthetic ethanol is made from an explosive, inflammable, compound known as acetylene gas. It is cheap, 'lifeless" and unnatural and should not be used in making herbal extracts.

A frequently asked question is what herbal extracts are and why do they contain a natural or neutral alcohol. Herbal extracts are herbal plant foods that have been diluted in a liquid. This is a "natural medicine".

An herbal extract can be made with something which allows an herb to dissolve in it. This can include most common liquids, such as water, vinegar, wine, glycerine (sugar and fat compound most commonly derived from animal tissue) or a neutral alcohol, When you put an herbal tea bag into a cup of hot water, the color, taste, and aroma which dissolve into the water make an herbal water extract. However. some parts of the herb in the tea bag do not dissolve in water. Water will not dissolve the oily, waxy, detergent, enzymes or hormonal content of the herb. Vinegar, wine, and glycerin will dissolve a small amount of this.

The fact is a combination of water and a neutral alcohol is the best fluid known for dissolving all parts of an herb. A water and neutral alcohol extract give an herbal food in a "predigested" form. It should be noted that when you get the full strength of an herbal food, a little goes a long way. So don't overeat. This is a "natural medicine" made from an herbal food. The concept of moderation is the key.

Extracts are intended to be used to supplement the diet with herbal foods in an easily absorbable form. Most people are not even aware that they may be carrying around as much as ten pounds of rather disgusting debris coating the surfaces of their digestive canal: stomach, small and large intestines. This debris forms a barrier between the food which is eaten and the absorption of the needed nutrition This means the digestive system needs some help.

When you take a look at the digestive canal of the adult, you see a tube or pipe about 26 feet long, which is often clogged or very slow to empty due to debris or worse yet, if not eliminated, this putrid barrier film, can itself be constantly reabsorbed back into the body. Not only is this barrier of debris bad for absorption of commonly eaten foods but also herbal powders, herbal powders in capsules, herbal pills, and vitamin tablets. An efficient method was needed to get herbal foods absorbed through this barrier film and dissolve the barrier itself. Otherwise, herbs would not nourish and act like the health food books say they should. Herbal extracts solve this puzzle. Not only can they cross the debris barrier, they do so rapidly and can help to dissolve the barrier in the process. This eliminates the problem of having to take 114 tablets and capsules per day to finally get something through the debris barrier and dissolve it. As a matter of fact an herbal extract can be applied externally right over the area where required. This of course would be difficult to do with a capsule or tablet.

Depending on the quantity, a neutral alcohol performs different functions when introduced into or on the body. In minute quantities (drops) it acts as a carrier for whatever is dissolved in it. It dissolves herbal food substances and allows for their easy absorption by the body. In larger quantities, it acts as a stimulant. By the glassful, alcohol acts as a depressant to the body functions and an intoxicant. This constitutes abuse rather than use. A person can tell the difference.

Dr. William Donald Kelly, author of many books on natural ways to become more healthy, tells us that the human pancreas (principal digestive organ of the body) actually produces a small amount of a natural, neutral (ethanol) alcohol on a constant basis so that we will not freeze. As a further observation, most mouth-washes and deodorants utilize a fairly high percentage of alcohol which acts as a carrier for the deodorant, mouth and breath cleansing substances. In many cases, these are extracts of cleansing and aromatic substances. The alcohol acts as a carrier. Many times a combination of neutral alcohol, water and an herb or herbs will form a complex that no longer shows up as three things, but rather as one compound. If a person can use a mouthwash or underarm deodorant they can probably use an herbal extract without a problem. If they cannot use them without a problem then they should probably use capsules, tablets or teas

A fair question might be how much neutral alcohol should an extract contain? Roughly, a mixture of one-third neutral alcohol and two-thirds water will dissolve enough of the herb so that a person gets the proper nourishment in a few drops of the extract. When you add more water, then you need more extract to do the same thing. An extract could be made with so much water that you would have to consume bottles of the extract to achieve the same nutritional value you could get in a few drops of a one-third neutral alcohol extract.